About Us

I’m a happy girl who luckily discovered her passion and had the courage to follow it.

Since the moment I married my best friend, who in now also my business partner, I took this dream seriously.

I quit my safe job and with just a little of experience but full of  confidence, I began to follow my dream.

I have studied a lot and today I’m a wedding photographer, mostly in my home area, but I’m full of hope  that in the very near future I will become well known on an international scale.

Probably you are here because you love warm and joyful photography and you like what you’ve seen on our web page.

It’s true that we work hard every day, me as a photographer and my husband as a videographer, but we are so passionate about what we do and that makes it all easier.

We are a happy couple, always trying to make your first day as husband and wife the best day of your lives.

We would be honored to chat more about your wedding, so feel free to contact us.


Andreea si Cosmin #1 Andreea si Cosmin #2